Il Resort

The three buildings of rooms surround a garden with a view of the sea. The Italian Restaurant on the western side has a charming position a few feet from the water, massage center and gym, in a characteristic bamboo construction. The Diving Center has porches and pools on its east, also a few feet from the sea.

About us

The management is Italian: Ermanno, Instructor PADI,manages the Diving Center and he will be your main reference, he organize the daily diving trips and the courses.
Giorgio will be in charge of providing you the most enjoyable stay at the Resort, organizing Jeep, ship, horse, motorcycle and mountain bike excursions; besides the water activities at the sea and beach.

The beach and the reef

The sea rolls over more than 330 yards of wave moistened beach. In front of Canonero Diving Beach Resort, at the western end of Talipanan beach, where a small bay is formed, delimited by the reef. That is the reason it is wider and the sea is much calmer.
The reef surges from the shallow part of the sea and is the limit where the wildest and least contaminated part starts.  In fact, from there on, many miles of coast can only be reached by sea, with the mountain that precipitates over it, forming a reef that alternates with small charming beaches. A true and authentic “paradise” where to submerge in crystalline water and amateur swimmers can go beyond the reefs, introducing themselves into the beaches and ravines for discovering an absolutely intact nature.


Although the beach and transparent waters of the sea offer the widest possibilities of entertainment for adults and children, the Resort has a pool for adults, where to take the diving courses.  And another more shallow pool where the youngest children can find playing alternatives under the watchful eyes of the comfortably relaxed mothers on the bar’s porches.&

The Rooms

The resort has eleven large individual, double and quadruple rooms, each room has a bathroom, air conditioning and fans, a minibar and TV.

The restaurant

Restaurant of the Resort "Octopus" offers all the specialties of fish, squid, shrimp cooked in a Mediterranean style (roasted, salted, baked, in soups etc and muniere. and also, specialties of meat and chicken, barbecue and many delights home and then Italian dishes (pasta dishes + lasagna, ravioli and pizza), and then international dishes as well as typical and tasty dishes Filipinos.