How to get here

Land and sea services for reaching our Resort.
Transportation: Manila City - Batangas City - Puerto Galera-Talipanan Beach / El Canonero Diving Beach Resort.
When arriving at Manila with one of the many international airlines, if you arrive during the first hours of the morning and do not have the intention of stopping at Manila, you can continue towards Batangas for reaching the Resort on the same day. On the contrary, since the last ships leave Mindoro, Sabang, Puerto Galera and White Beach at 16:00 hrs. You will have to reach Batangas during the following morning. * * Special schedule ships from Lea Beach.
From Manila the easiest, most convenient and safest way to reach us is the combined Sikat service which includes air conditioned bus, TV and ship services, $600 Pesos = $1.30 USD. It departs daily in the mornings, at 08:00 from the Citystate Tower Hotel on 1315 A.Mabini Street in Ermita, Manila, there are other comfortable hotels in the area. The Sikat bus will take you directly to Batangas port and then board the ship to Puerto Galera, Sabang Beach or White Beach.
There is another way: from Manila to Batangas you can take a taxi or the Buendia Station buses, take one of the frequent buses that reach Batangas Port in about 2 hours. From Batangas preferably take a ship to White Beach, the closest to Talipanan or through Puerto Galera. You can also board the ship in Sabang but the path is 4 miles longer.
Arrive on these means of transportation, or through the Sicat service mentioned before, in one of the three locations. Then for reaching the Resort at Talipanan Beach, you will need to take a Jeep or Tricycle. It is only a few minutes away from White Beach, 15 minutes from Puerto Galera and 30 minutes from Sabang.
If you are not in a hurry, one of our representatives can wait for you at the dock.

** There are ships parting from Batangas, at “Lea Beach ” and upon private request will ship during extraordinary schedules, also at night time for Sabang, Puerto Galera, White Beach and Talipanan. The crossing is also possible for a small number of persons, please inform on time, the price varies according to the number of persons embarking.
Lea Beach is at Batangas, slightly south of the Port and may be reached by taxi if arriving through Manila or Puerto Batangas on a 10 minutes tricycle ride.
Airport Pick-up: Airport - El Canonero Diving Beach Resort / / El Canonero Diving Beach Resort - Airport.
El Canonero Diving Beach Resort management can supply a van for receiving you at Manila’s airport and transporting you to Batangas, on a 2 hour ride and then on a commercial ship that takes you to Galera and then to the Resort or directly to the Resort on a private ship during night time. (1.5 hour ship trip) Total cost (one way) per 1-8 person group on van + commercial ship is $150 USD or van + private ship $235 USD. The transportation on a private ship direct to the Resort is carried on at Lea Beach.

Many ships make these trips
Blue Phenix, Blue Eagle, Blue Pelican, Blue Pinguin, Supergigi, Golden Falcon, Golden Hawk, MB Willem, Mb Island Cruiser, MB Lady Zannie,
Schedules are submitted to variations but sail frequently
Departures through Batangas by Puerto Galera or White Beach
7,30 am, 8,30 am, 9,30 am, 10,15 am, 11 am, 12am, 12,30 pm, 1 pm, 1,30 pm, 2,45 pm, 3,30 pm, 4,30 pm
Departures from Puerto Galera / White Beach through Batangas
5,00 am, 5,30 am, 6,45 am, 7,00 am, 8,00 am, 8,30 am, 9,00 am, 10,15 am, 10,30 am, 1,00 am, 1,30 am, 1,45 am, 2,30 am, 2,45 am, 3,30 am