Full day diving trips

We offer full day diving trips to the most famous natural dive park as Verde Island, Anilao, Sombrero Island, Hot Spring, Beatrice Rock, and more...

A 5 minutes boat ride away from El Canonero Diving Resort will get you to this special place. It starts with a free decent to 18-21 meters/ 60-70 feet and from here you can choose any depth you are qualified to do. The walls drop down well beyond 100 meters/ 330 feet, so here is depth for techies. Free swimming reef sharks are seen regularly on the deeper part of the walls. But it is mostly on the top of this ”mountain” you should dive since it is here you find the best corals and most of the fish. It’s best to dive this dive on slack tide due to very strong currents.

This is done as a day trip where you have different possibilities. Most of the time you will dive on “The Drop Off”, which is a fantastic site. On a good day you can see almost anything here; big schools of jacks, schools of banner fish, thousands of basslets, and maybe a turtle or a very big sea snakes. From the surface it drops down to 80 meters/ 260 feet!!! You can also try the washing machine but you might need a washing machine for your swim trunks after the dive... On the west side of the island there are some very nice places with beautiful soft corals and mild currents.

MARICABAN / CHICKEN FEATHER ISLAND Towards Batangas you have a couple of small islands. Around these islands there is some very nice diving, but be aware that you normally will find very strong currents here. Reef sharks and other bigger fish like tuna and jacks as well as fantastic corals in superb condition. There is also a small cave called Sharkies where you can sit inside and watch the fish swim by... And not to forget the Hot Springs where you can boil your eggs for lunch... This dive site is very rarely visit due to the very strong current.