The Activities

The excursions

The Puerto Galera district within a very few kilometers varies from sandy to rock coasts, from the flat extensions of rice fields to declines covered by coconut palm trees, for undergoing steep slopes of mountains covered by tropical jungle. The Malahimbo Mountain is behind Puerto Galera at 3576 feet and behind it Halcon Mountain at 8200 feet. From this geophysical formation, numerous waterfalls and brooks are born. It is therefore possible to take the opportunity for enjoying the beach and diving life, organizing canoe and kayak excursions, trekking or riding motorcycles and mountain bikes. You can walk through bridges, visit caves, reach hot water springs and find the tribal settlements of the Mangyan, a native Mindoro population.

The Canonero Diving Beach Resort with its own business and transportation or in collaboration with local Tourism Operators will organize for you many excursions and activities, many of which can be experienced in a single day.  Some recommendations:

- Visit the Mangyan. You will be able to visit this shy population and receive a sure welcome. People who were once nomads, you will now find them in the mountains, in their huts, committed to diverse crops, livestock and crafts.

- Tamaraw Falls – You can visit and refresh yourself in these waterfalls, located in a panoramic place. Tamaraw Falls is six miles away from Puerto Galera.

- River Kayak - It is possible to organize a kayak descent though the San Rafael River, near one of the Mangyan villages.

-Aras Cave - On the Halcon hillside, experience a 1 hour motorcycle or Jeep ride to enter this bat cave and then enjoy the waterfalls.

- Hidden Paradise - 45 minutes away from Puerto Galera, you can walk through a charming landscape among streams, waterfalls and natural pools.

- Ponderosa Golf Club - Located at 2000 feet on Malahimbo Mountain, it offers a splendid panoramic view of the whole Puerto Galera bay, a site you should not miss. The passionate can practice this sport in an extraordinary context and then have lunch in one of so many splendid beaches, where you can snorkel or swim in fresh and crystalline waters of streams that mix into the sea and hot water springs. You can also enjoy the traditional and cruel cock fights.

Kayak or Canoe
Beach volleyball
Water ski
And many other entertainment sports as football, ping pong, beach balls, etc
Gym and Massages– The Resort supplies to its guests many workout machines for keeping in shape. The expert masseuses offer the best massages for when you return from diving or excursions.

Jeepney, motorcycles, four-wheelers.

- For the many activities and excursions, El Canonero Diving Beach Resort has:
Jeepney, for reaching many excursion sites for different activities.
Motorcycles, four-wheelers to rent for individual or group excursions.
Guided excursions of the internal areas and surronding mountains
Nightlife – You can go out at night, especially in Sabang, which offers exciting nightlife possibilities at its many dance-bars, discotheques, pool halls and restaurants which are open all night.